Portable Conductor “SILENT” Podium with Optional Safety Railing

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FeatherBlock Portable Silent Conductor Podium

available with or without railing



NEW 2013 “E” (Elliptical) Podium



Deluxe and Ultra Podium

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Basic Podium

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 In a choir, band, or orchestra, it is a necessity that every member of the group have a clear view of the conductor.  For that reason, FeatherBlock has developed several styles of portable conductor stands.  Our BASIC, DELUXE,  ULTRA, and “E” podiums each have unique features.  Select the size and style that meets your needs.

In the pictures above are our Featherblock professional conductor stands with a 2″ diameter brushed Stainless Steel railing and 2 3/8″ Deluxe (black) Railing that is 42″ high from the deck to the top of the railing.  The Railing is designed to easily bolt to the top surface.  This is our “Silent Podium”.  Every detail is directed to assure you that there is no squeaking or rattling.  Select from our Basic, Deluxe, Ultra, or “E” podium to meet your special requirements.  Then select you type of railing to complete your order.

Black Hills Symphony- Featherblock Ultra Podium

What is FeatherBlock?  If you have ever stood on a wood or metal conductor platform, you also know that they can create some objectionable noise.  Standing on FeatherBlock is like standing  on solid ground.  Our “Silent Podiums” provide STABILITY you won’t find anywhere else in the portable podium world.  How you ask?  We completely fill the interior cavity of our podiums with EPS foam.  No other manufacturer can claim this.  All FeatherBlock products have the ITP Quad-Ripple anti-skid finish on the top and bottom surfaces.


We invite you to experience a whole new level of portable elevation for your institutional or individual use with FeatherBlock’s Portable conductor platforms.


Markets for the “SILENT” Conductor Podium-

  • School Band/Orchestra/Choir
  • Churches
  • Symphony
  • Theaters

FeatherBlock Portable Conductor Platforms and Railing

Select Podium and Railing for total cost-

BASIC- Podium Only- 42″ x 42″x 8″ high (1/2″ top)- $495.00

plus S & H (railing not included)

BASIC +- Podium Only- 42″ x 42″x 8″ high (3/4″ top)- $545.00

plus S & H (railing not included)

DELUXE-Podium Only- 48″ x 48″x 8″ high (3/4″ top)- $645.00

plus S & H (railing not included)

DELUXE- Podium Only- 48″ x 48″x 12″ high, (3/4″ top)- $695.00

plus S & H (railing not included)

ULTRA MINI- Podium Only- 42″ x 60″x 12″ high (3/4″ x 42″x 42″ top), includes

6″ high x 10″ x 42″ step on each side $795.00

plus S & H

(railing not included)

ULTRA- Podium Only- 48″ x 72″x 12″ high (3/4″x 48″ x 48″ top), includes

6″ high x 12″ x 48″ step on each side $895.00

plus S & H

(railing not included)

“E”- Podium Only- 48″ x 69″ x 12″ high (3/4″ top), includes 6″ high x 12″

wide step all around audience facing direction (railing not included) $995.00

Select Railing

Polished Brass #7 Railing (select 90 degree elbow or ball elbow)- 2″ diameter x 34″ Wide x 42″

High- $850.00

Stainless Steel #4 Satin Railing (select 90 degree elbow or ball elbow)- 2″ diameter x 34″ Wide x 42″

High- $500.00

Steel Railing- 2.25″ with Black Powder Coat Finish- $350.00

Steel Railing- 1.5″ Diameter with Black Powder Coat Finish- $250.00

All railings include welded flanges for attachment to the platform and

flange covers to match your railing finish.


SS ElbowOptional Elbow- #4 Satin SS     

Brass Railing Corner sm


Brass ElbowOptional Elbow- #7 Bright Brass

Podium Railing Options

  • 1.50″ or 2.25″ Diameter Black Powder-Coat
  • 2″ Stainless Steel- #4 Brushed Finish
  • 2″ High Polished Brass #7








Price Information-E-Mail- bob@featherblock.net or call (616)-843-5993

Product List as of 5-09-2014 (Prices subject to change)