Cheerleading Blocks

FeatherBlock Portable Non-Resonating Cheerleading Blocks

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The simple portability of FeatherBlock helps cheerleading squads move the modules into place, deliver a great show, then be on to the next performance somewhere else in the stadium.  The stability and non-skid surface of FeatherBlock Portable Non-Resonating Cheerleading Modules allow performers to stand with confidence all game long.



What is FeatherBlock?  If you have ever walked or played on a wood or metal portable stage, you also know that it vibrates beneath you – this is vibration is called “resonance”.  Performing on FeatherBlock is like performing on solid ground as it is “non-resonating” – meaning it does not resonate or vibrate beneath the performer.  “Non-resonating” means one thing to the performer; STABILITY they won’t find anywhere else in the portable staging world. 

We invite you to experience a whole new level of portable elevation for your institutional or individual use with FeatherBlock’s Portable Non-Resonating Cheerleading Blocks…


Product Features

  • Solid Construction Eliminates Vibration During Performance
  • Stable blocks do not rattle beneath the cheerleader like traditional platform-style staging
  • Non-Resonating quality takes the shaking and vibration out of the foundation
  • Lightweight Modules are Easily Transported by 2 adults
  • Non-Skid Surface for sure-footed traction for the cheerleader
  • Much stronger load limit per-square-foot than platform-style staging – Call for details
  • No dangerous assembly pinch-points like exist in wood and metal staging
  • Interlocking modules allow for easy setup and takedown – See pictures below
  • Stackable for simple storage and transport
  • Attractive contemporary design requires no skirting like platform-style staging


FeatherBlock Portable Non-Resonating Cheerleading Modules

Product List as of 08-16-2011 (Prices subject to change)

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4ft x 4ft x 12in Square Stage Module

Other Sizes Also Available

Price: $645.00 plus S&H and Tax