Church Applications of FeatherBlock Products


The various worship, classroom, and event spaces in a church require maximum versatility from the staging products that it takes to meet the needs of the congregation.  For example, a portable stage that is used during worship services on the weekends might be also needed for a small group meeting in another part of the building during the week.  The versatility of FeatherBlock allows a church to get more use out of their staging and riser solutions.

The following is a list of the most popular FeatherBlock products that apply to churches:

Below you will find several examples of FeatherBlock applications that were specifically designed for use in a Church setting…


Three-Tier Riser System (8″, 16″, 24″), Community Reformed Church in Charlevoix, Michigan

Seated Risers- 36″ or 42″ Deep

Standing Risers- 24″ deep with Wedge

Seated Rises with Safety Rail and Wedge Sections