Library Story Time- Risers

Library Story Time is an all new product line for Core-Lite.  Now you can easily set up and have an entire classroom of students gather around for “Library Story Time”.

This new product features another innovation from Core-Lite.  Our new Moroccan Top surface finish is eye appealing and user friendly.  The Moroccan finish features a student friendly finish that is soft to the touch and has just the right amount of grip so you won’t slide around.  The new 45 degree angular corners creates just the right environment to focus the student to the reader.  Check out the photos below for our first of hopefully many more “Library Story Time” risers.

Library Story Time- Aerial_SMSeating For an Entire Class

Library Story Time- Angle View_SMInclude back railing and lifting handle for easy set up

Each level is 12″ higher than the one in front of it.  So each level will provide the students the necessary height to see over the students in front of them.  The back rest railing is an additional 12″ higher than the to  level surface.

All student riser sections are designed like all of our other products which contain an EPS foam core.  As in all of our other products that assures that busy little feet will not create objectionable noise.

So pull up and chair and a good book and lets get reading.