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Stages direct your attention… In the Entertainment Stage photo above, what do you notice most?  The escalators, the patterned carpet, maybe the three-story color-changing waterfall?  As visible as those things are, IT’S THE STAGE THAT YOU NOTICE MOST.  Why?  Elevation is synonymous with importance, relevance, significance, and power.  Our thinking goes, “If it’s on stage, it must be important.”  FeatherBlock stages empower the performer.  MUSICIANS USE AMPLIFIERS FOR THEIR SOUND.  Think of our staging as a VISUAL AMPLIFIER. 

This product is available in 8″, 16″ or 24″ height x various widths and lengths and is standard with the IPT (www.innovativepanel.com) “Quadripple” laminated anti-skid surface.  This product is easy to transport and has NO dangerous folding legs or pinch points.  Elevate yourself to be clearly seen by your audience.

 What is FeatherBlock?  If you have ever walked or played on a wood or metal portable stage, you also know that it vibrates beneath you.  Playing on FeatherBlock is like playing on solid ground. Solid staging means one thing to the performer; STABILITY they won’t find anywhere else in the portable staging world.

We invite you to experience a whole new level of portable elevation for your institutional or individual use with FeatherBlock’s Portable Stages…

Markets for Portable Staging

  • Churches
  • Theater – Performing Arts
  • Casino Entertainment Staging
  • Touring Productions
  • Restaurants/Karaoke Staging
  • Corporate Conventions/Expos/Hotel Convention Centers
  • Concert Venues
  • Choirs

Circular Stage

Rectangular Stage

8″ High Stage System

16″ High Stage System

24″ High Stage System

Custom Entertainment Stage

Product Features

  • Solid Construction Eliminates Vibration During Both Performance and Recording
  • Stable risers do not rattle beneath the performer like traditional platform-style staging
  • Lightweight Modules are Easily Transported by 2 adults
  • Non-Skid Surface for sure-footed traction for the performer, IPT “Quadripple” surface technology
  • Much stronger load limit per-square-foot than platform-style staging – Call for details
  • No dangerous assembly pinch-points like exist in wood and metal staging
  • Interlocking modules allow for easy setup and takedown
  • Stackable for simple storage and transport
  • Attractive contemporary design requires no skirting like platform-style staging



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