Circular Stages With Silent Core

Circular Stages – FeatherBlock Spotlight™ Series

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Circular Stages work great as stage accessories for moments of a song when the performer wants to add emphasis… They can be used for solos – when the spotlight is on one member of the group – or just as a way to add elevation changes to an existing stage surface. If a performer doesn’t plan on moving around a lot during the show, they can play on the circular stage for the entire show (think seated acoustic guitar player like in the picture below).  The larger spotlight stages (6ft and 8ft) can double as keyboard stands or drum risers as well.  The applications are only limited to the user’s creativity.

  Round Riser 3 Foot Dia2_sm

Round Riser 3 Foot Dia3_small

3′ Diameter Riser


48 Dia Drum RiserSm

4′ Diameter



6′ Diameter Riser


8′ Diameter Riser


What is FeatherBlock?  If you have ever walked or played on a wood or metal portable stage, you also know that it vibrates beneath you – this is vibration is called “resonance”.  Playing on FeatherBlock is like playing on solid ground as it is “non-resonating” – meaning it does not resonate or vibrate beneath the performer.  “Non-resonating” means one thing to the performer; STABILITY they won’t find anywhere else in the portable staging world. 

We invite you to experience a whole new level of portable elevation for your institutional or individual use with FeatherBlock’s Portable Non-Resonating Stages…

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 Product Features

  • Solid Construction Eliminates Vibration During Both Performance and Recording
  • Stable FeatherBLOCK staging will not rattle beneath the performer like traditional platform-style staging
  • Non-Resonating quality takes the shaking and vibration out of the foundation
  • Lightweight Modules are Easily Transported by 1 to 2 adults
  • Non-Skid Surface for sure-footed traction for the performer
  • Much stronger load limit per-square-foot than platform-style staging – Call for details!
  • No dangerous assembly pinch-points like exist in wood and metal staging
  • Interlocking modules allow for easy setup and takedown See pictures below
  • Stackable for simple storage and transport
  • Attractive contemporary design requires no skirting like platform-style staging

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FeatherBlock® Spotlight™ Series – Circular Stages

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