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FeatherBlock Entertainment Stage 

Need a portable stage for your institution’s live entertainment?  Can you believe that the Entertainment Stage in the picture below is set up every Friday and taken down every Sunday by only two adults?  Yes, with FeatherBlock’s lightweight construction and simple interlocking modules it only takes two people to set up that large of a stage, and they repeat that process every weekend.  So, if you need an attractive versatile stage for your venue, give our design team a call and we would be happy to help you design a solution for your situation using FeatherBlock…

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What is FeatherBlock?  If you have ever walked or played on a wood or metal portable stage, you also know that it vibrates beneath you – this is vibration is called “resonance”.  Playing on FeatherBlock is like playing on solid ground as it is “non-resonating” – meaning it does not resonate or vibrate beneath the performer.  “Non-resonating” means one thing to the performer; STABILITY they won’t find anywhere else in the portable staging world. 

We invite you to experience a whole new level of portable elevation for your institutional or individual use with FeatherBlock’s Portable Non-Resonating Stages.

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Product Features

  • Solid Construction Eliminates Vibration During Both Performance and Recording
  • Stable risers do not rattle beneath the performer like traditional platform-style staging
  • Non-Resonating quality takes the shaking and vibration out of the foundation
  • Lightweight Modules are Easily Transported by 2 adults
  • Non-Skid Surface for sure-footed traction for the performer
  • Much stronger load limit per-square-foot than platform-style staging – Call for details
  • No dangerous assembly pinch-points that exist in wood and metal staging
  • Interlocking modules allow for easy setup and takedown
  • Stackable for simple storage and transport
  • Attractive contemporary design requires no skirting like platform-style staging


FeatherBlock® Portable Entertainment Stage Packages

Product List as of 06-15-2011 (Prices subject to change)


For ordering or questions about FeatherBlock Portable Staging,
call (616) 822-7587 or email bob@featherblock.net




Entertainment Stage Packages

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