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Minimizing Lost Sound on the Concert Stage” by Bob Brock, as featured on

Podium Information:

Video- FeatherBlock Podium Information

Video- Podium Safety Railing Installation

2015 Chicago Midwest Clinic Podium and Railing Pricing

Specifications – Conductors Chair

Information – Podium Cart

Stage and Riser Information:

Video- FeatherBlock Custom Staging Information

Video- FeatherBlock Portable Risers Information

Video- FeatherBlock Cube Information

Video- FeatherBlock Portable Drum Riser Information

FeatherBlock Products Flier

FeatherBlock Portable Stage

FeatherBlock Choir Risers

Featherblock- Choir Riser “The Wedge”

2015 Chicago Midwest Clinic The Cube Pricing

The Cube- Variations II

Typical Seated Choir Riser Layout with 15 Degree Wedge

FeatherBlock 8 Ft Circle Drum Riser

FeatherBlock Pre-School Risers

Featherblock Jazz Band Mini Risers

Our Products in Action!

FeatherBlock Drum Riser Review

Video-FeatherBlock Ultra Podium “The Spirit of Broadway” — . Liberty University

Video-FeatherBlock Ultra Podium“Presidents Encore” — . Liberty University

Video-FeatherBlock Ultra Podium“And the Glory” — Messiah. Liberty University

Video-FeatherBlock Ultra PodiumGrand Ledge Symphonic Band – Flashpoint

Video-FeatherBlock Ultra PodiumGrand Ledge Symphonic Band – American Overture

Video-FeatherBlock Ultra PodiumGrand Ledge Brass Ensemble – Celebration In Brass

Video-FeatherBlock Ultra PodiumGrand Ledge Brass Ensemble – To Tame the Perilous Skies

Video-FeatherBlock Choir Standing Riser SystemMaranatha Fellowship Church

Video-FeatherBlock Choir Standing Riser System – Maranatha Fellowship Church

Video-FeatherBlock Choir Seated Riser SystemWoodlawn Fellowship ChurchWoodlawn Restores Link


FeatherBlock Limited Warranty 1-1-16


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