If you have ever moved on a wood or metal riser, stage, or conducting platform, you know that they can create some objectionable noise. Standing on Feather Block Designs is like standing on solid ground, providing STABILITY and QUIET you won’t find anywhere else in today’s risers, staging, or podiums. How? We completely fill the interior cavity of our Feather Block Designs systems with EPS foam, eliminating any unwanted vibrations to occur within the module – no other manufacturer can claim this. All Feather Block Designs products have the ITP Quad-Ripple anti-skid finish on the top and bottom surfaces, ensuring that you will not slip while walking across the surface of the systems.

All of our Feather Block Designs systems come fully assembled (besides the optional safety railing for our conductor podiums) with no need for tedious adjustments for storage. With no pinch-points common in other systems and a lightweight construction, Feather Block Designs modules are easily moved or stored using two to four persons per module.

Core Lite Industries LLC is committed to creating a product that is unlike any other in the portable riser, stage, or conducting market. Our Feather Block Designs systems offer a vibration-eliminating, lightweight, and good-looking alternative to traditional risers, stages, or podiums. Check them out today!

Core Lite Industries set to the task of creating a product that would direct sound forward, be easy to use, and look professional in 2011. Thus, the Feather Block Designs “Silent” podiums and risers came to life! With varying degrees from Industrial Arts to Music Education, the members of Core Lite Industries have a wide array of knowledge and skill bases to create a truly unique alternative to traditional open-frame riser and podium systems in today’s market.